• Date: 05.2014
  • Platform: Mobile
  • My Role: Ideation, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototype


Nokia Advanced Design and Technology team had the responsibility of creating the product which disrupts the future. For this goal we created multiple protoypes, Shape Shifters, AI Assistant, GPS enabled Skateboards. Connected Cars. Ome of the product which was realized was the Z Launcher. A scripting user interface for the homescreen of Android.


Create a product of the Future, a truly disruptive mobile experience


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Created Visual Designs and Interaction Designs and helped Advanced Technology team prototype it.

UX Process

The UX Process consists of the following steps

  • Mockups on board
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Designs
  • Quick Prototype in 2 weeks
  • Everybody test it for a week
  • Re-design & throw away lot of works